Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let God be your protector

June 4, 2015
Smriti or to Remember
Sweet child: When you say to Baba: "Baba, I have made You my Heir", the Father surrenders Himself to such children. You children then say: "God, when You come, I will surrender myself to You, I will make You my Child." This ONE only makes His children His heirs. How would you make the Father your Heir? This is also a very deep matter. To exchange everything you have is a task for your intellect.
Sweet Baba, You are my Heir. I accept You as my child and surrender myself to You. I give You a pittance and in return you give me a palace. Through this exchange I experience the pure, deep, true love of having You as my child. When I make You my Heir, You make me Your heir. When I offer everything I have, You give me jeevan mukti in a second.
Samarthi or Power
I constantly plug myself into the power that is received from the above smriti. I become aware how my smriti is recharging my self-respect. I pay attention to how my smriti is giving me strength and is allowing me to operate with equanimity and patience in an ever-changing world.
Mano-vritti or Attitude
Baba to Soul: Having made Him your Heir, you also have to earn your own livelihood. Simply live as a trustee. He gives you many ways to do this. The Father simply observes whether any of you are spending money on sinful actions. Are you using your money to make human beings into charitable souls? Are you doing service systematically?
Sweet Baba, I am determined to adopt the attitude of a trustee. I am a trustee of my body, mind, and wealth. I entrust these treasures to You with a loving heart. Through the attitude of a trustee, I become worthy of Your trust. Baba, I am a trustee of Your work. I take care not to spend money to indulge my weaknesses. The attitude of being a trustee gives me an experience of Your divine love.
Drishti or Pure Vision
Baba to Soul: When you all reach your karmateet stage, everyone will return Home. "The wedding procession of Shiva" has been remembered. Only when Shiv Baba comes can all of us souls return Home. Shiv Baba just comes to take everyone back Home.
In my drishti today, I will keep an image of all souls going back Home with Baba. Today, whenever I encounter another human being, I will see them as souls, as tiny points of light returning Home with Baba at the head of a wedding procession of lights.
Creating a Wave
I will do mansa seva and be part of creating a beautiful wave of pure remembrance and attitude spanning the whole globe during the 7:00pm to 7:30pm meditation. I will engage the smriti, mano-vritti, and drishti from above and give sakaash to the whole world as a humble instrument.
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