Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Souls, ever really wondered what an Angel really is? Not just a figment of your imagination,a religious idea,a movie theme,something you sit on top of your xmas tree,a painting by Da Vinci,a tv show,no none of the above. An angel is your perfect form without the thorns and cracks,so how do I manifest this form? The first step is too ask the question who am I?Am I male or female, no, am I black or white or red,yellow etc.Am I a teacher,lawyer(some job description etc) no,not really or truly. Just visualize yourself as a living point of light a star sitting in the centre of your forehead .This is who you were originally before you came into your present body.A peaceful point of light,no problems,no hangups,no worries. now you can experience that in a second,this is the first step in becoming an Angel. STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER INFORMATION