Monday, January 26, 2009

Part2 Too change from a human too an Angel Direct contact with the superintendent of Angels. How do I as an ordinary person in the rat race of humanity, talk to God directly. First of all I need his address to correctly contact him. Secondly I need to identify what he looks like so I know Im talking to the correct being, not revealing my soul too anyone.And finally I need too understand what he has too offer, what is his job criteria and experience of humanity, has he got something too offer, is there in loopholes or catches,is what people generally describe about him true? As can be seen in the picture I need to begin recognizing myself as universal and immortal sitting in the temple of the body then im on the same wavelength as the Supreme Soul Try it and experiment, travelliing the 3 worlds to my true home ,soul world and the home of the Supreme Soul