Friday, February 20, 2009

अ मेडिटेशन ओं गो deep

Visualize myself as a being of light sitting in a huge library in a beautiful red velvet chair with polished oak legs in the centre of an oval shaped office surrounded by white-polished lead glass windows in the shape of flowers, the high ceilings are very ornate showing vines and roses encircling the area, and diamond like chandliers falling like Heavenly fruit in 4 corners, the room is emcompassed by 3 tier levels of library shelving of mohoganny each joined by a step-ladder,and ancient bound books of papyrus and leather fill every shelf too overflowing, each cover marked with bright red calligraphy describing its contents;sunlight is filling the room with transparent white light as if at any moment a chorus of angels will enter the room. Now just imagine your brain,your intelligence can fathom the essence of every book in the room in a second, these books contain the revelations of the past,the present and the future,the laws of karma,of creation and destruction and the akashic records of all souls and have now instantaneously been imprinted in your intellect forever, contemplate that feeling and merge it within you, now give it a name, ie master almighty authority the child of the almighty authority om shanti