Saturday, February 21, 2009

इन्फतुअशन-थे देसिरे फॉर love

some times when we are looking towards the future trying too make sense of it all trying too carve out our trail we get fixated on the side scenes or impressed by a personality or thing which consumes our focus and takes away our creativity and sometimes our potential, this can be falling in love or taking that career move or buying that house etc all short term fixes and rewards but in the long term it stunts our growth our full potential. Patience is needed stacks of it, otherwise we dive in ,we may learn to swim but a lot of resentment is built up in the process and our soul suffocates. Heres a meditation too help us tap into that potential. picture myself sitting at the end of a jetty on a tropical island.The sun is in its glory ,the sky is blue,the ocean is a deeper blue,the fluffy white clouds drift overhead,the seagulls cry in the distance, the water laps against the pylons, music too your ears,freedom too the senses.You look intently into the water, a cute horsey face looks up at you,it is a sea horse,its tiny copter like fins spin,on its you notice the no.1 as though it is a race horse,how can this be?, then it turns and on the otherside is the word PATIENCE, unbelievable! Then all of a sudden it dives to the coral below, you are so infatuated you dive into the deep blue ocean,swimming deeper and deeper,the sun filters down and the sounds of the outside world get less and less,but you can see the green tourquise seahorse up ahead ,you swim faster too keep up, then a white dolphin swims into view smiling at me I intuitively understand her name is Angel,I grab hold of her dorsal fin and very quickly she takes me deeper and deeper,to the bottom of the ocean, everything is completely silent and the light is dim, but there before my eyes is a solid gold treasure chest.I easily open the lid and inside is a huge ornately cut emerald of crimson red and light upon light emminates from it,putting me into a trance, filling my mind with peace and silence,concentration.Richness and immortality flood my being. I am at one with the Ocean, with all Gods creation. Within a second i return too the Jetty,it was a daydream Om Shanti