Sunday, February 22, 2009

क्य्लिक time

The creator of numerology, pythagoras believed in cyclic time based on an approximate 5000 yr cycle which is in total opposition to scientific theory of carbon dating and prehistoric periods etc. but neither theory has actual conclusive evidence, it is all heresay according too peoples theories and conclusions which are pre-empted by there life experience,study,teachers etc. My feeling is too follow the religious view that the world was created by God, or more accurately God created truth which he gave to souls, or actually God is truth and revealed too mankind and thus purity and divinity was reborn in the world,I think the physical world was already there but according too natural phenomaneum it recreates itself just as a tree starts from a seed and then grows too maturity and flowers and seeds, eventually dies but the seeds germinates and a new tree grows, I think the whole physical world follows those principals, but with humans the soul reincarnates birth after birth and slowly but surely becomes earthbound or dull thus losing its divinity, and then becomes devilish in its nature and actions then God has too come into the picture and purify souls through knowledge and punishment and then Heaven on earth begins and matter also is made perfect automatically and the whole cycle begins again, pretty simple really