Thursday, February 26, 2009

दा दे जा VU

Ever experienced de ja vu, I,m sure you have most people have experienced this phenonaman.Why do we experience this its beyond logic and science or is it? IT IS AS THOUGH WE ARE USING A HIGHER POWER but dont know it,amazing. In fact we are this is the last remaining remnants of our Angelic or perfect form when we first incarnated on this planet, do you remember, no one really does but we still feel this experience.Normally we feel it with close relatives but originally we experienced it with all human souls perhaps even with animal souls which today is more common. In its perfect form the soul because of its high consciousness new the past,present and the future, but now due too the pollution of impure and waste thoughts our intellects can't concentrate, its not our fault its just the way things are, if you've ever seen recreations of Nostradamus then they show him using instruments too procure his predictions and they dont seem that accurate so what chance have we.