Monday, March 9, 2009

लाजिनेस एंड carelessness

Laziness and carelessness in this day and age are often characterized by unemployed or frivulous type people but when dealing with spirituality and the sublime these two characters are very detrimental too your self realization process.Laziness usually occurs in the more mature meditator who has had many experiences in silence and the workings of the soul and understands what truth really is,then along comes refined illusion, the golden deer,ego, ah yes i,m a yogi,I have developed these specialities, I understand the makeup of the universe, life and death etc.So I become lazy about the use of my divine intellect and dirt or rot(an impure attitude begins too take root). And I fail too recognize it then carelessness takes over and my attitude of subtle arrogance takes growth in my actions and before I know it my many years of work can be erased in a second,like a mountain climber climbing the Himalayas nearly too the summit but falls due too altitude sickness,hopefully not too there death but down some, and alot of energy and courage is needed to make it back up,usually not too the next season. So these are the two robbers of the spirit laziness and carelessness Om Shanti