Saturday, March 7, 2009

इन्बेत्वीन time

Ever been preoccupied by a pressing situations or illogical feelings,unresolvable relationships etc, and this thinking process can leak out into our everyday life, our decision making processes our normal relationships etc, even how fast we drive our car or the tone of voice we use with our children etc, so these distractions can present themselves in our attitudes towards other people eventually impacting on our actions and outcomes sometimes leaving a black mark on our character. So we feel after a while depressed,non-chelant,moody etc. To dig out of these black holes positive thinking is needed along with contemplation and meditation to redefine our attitudes. Even a walk in the park or a holiday can bring some results, but not permanent, where as if you clean the record of the mind thru meditation,invoking peace it is permanent(look at some of my past postings for ideas)