Wednesday, March 18, 2009

अ न्यू मेडिटेशन commentary

Imagine you are two children playing in a junkyard next too the big city, the junkyard is abandoned and quiet compared to the noise and rush of the big city. You discover an old abandoned car wreck with two seats, you strap yourself in as does your friend, and imagine you are in a giant rocketship stationed at cape kennedy and your mission is too blast off into space discovering new worlds,new life forms. The countdown begins 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. "This is mission control too the Endeavor YOU HAVE LIFTOFF ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO" Your spacecraft pulls away from the launchpad, from the earths gravity, up and up you go, through the fluffy white clouds into the blue yonder.Slowly but surely the earth turns into a irredesent blue pearl as you journey into outer space, your thought become still like the space ouside. In the screen you can see a very bright star of white light in a sea of golden red light.It pulls closer and closer as if beckoning you ,you are in its gravity pull,the star fills the whole screen of the ship,it appears that your going too collide, but then the white star comes into the ship,it speaks "I am your long lost and now found father, the creator of the human race and you are my long lost and now found children, Welcome home. Your mind becomes filled with peace and power, you become happy. He speaks again, "I,m on my way too planet earth all my devotees have been calling me, they are saying we are in a state of hell on earth, so I have decided too go there myself and fix the problem and bring all my children back with me, but you are special children who have journeyed too me in your hearts and minds good on you, I have sent prophet souls,the founders of religions ,giudes ,given visions but things are still getting worse,if you want a job done you must do it yourself, so here I am, some call me Yaweh,God,Shiva,Sat guru, some dont have a name for me, but I am just a point of light, the eternal Supreme Soul Greetings. In an instance the two children are back in the junkyard OM SHANTI