Monday, March 16, 2009

दोंग गोड्स work

Sometimes with our best intentions we think or are in an organization which does the work of God be it a charity,school,club,religious group etc. So on the surface in our activity we are doing righteous helpful work, but deep down in the psyche,in the buddhi, or in the chit of the mind all is not well.Why because the intellect can become corrupted like a virus on a computer, it can be a trojan, a worm ,adware etc.So we have all the best,god-like intentions in the world but the sanskaras of I and mine have been infected so instead of me being the instrument of God one who is sat chit anand some very subtle desires are pulling the strings, the outcome may be the same but my happiness levels will drop,my heart will wilt so be careful of this robber of the night. Too maintain a healthy attitude deep meditation and pray on God is needed as well as charitable activity

om shanti