Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Astrology and the Omens

Astrological readings and the oracles of the stars have played a huge part through out history,births,deaths and marriages have been studied,countries have risen and fallen,even Jesus was predicted by the stars and the 3 wise men came from the east too find this King of Kings.Though nowadays the predictions and accuracy have become common place.I think the theory is that the stars are astral deities beyond the influence of man revolving around the sun in a universal dance,thus they can be relied upon too instill wisdom into our chaotic lives,our webs and tapestrys of karma.In India they also have huge influence, they say the Omens of Jupiter(good omens)and the Omens of Saturn or Rahu(bad omens) and these can be changed by a donation or sacrifice i.e money,or slaughtering a goat etc.Now we are moving into the Age of Aquarius the Golden Age when rivers of milk and honey will flow.This is the time in history which is the most elevated and the most degraded, two opposite forces competing,in hindi it is called Sangumnug(confluence Age) where the Supreme soul has a direct impact on the human soul and the earth and nature, it is the most auspicious time,dont look a gift-horse in the mouth:) Om Shanti