Thursday, April 16, 2009

డాన్స్ అఫ్ knowledge

Dancing and singing go hand in hand with religion and spirituality.Souls in ecstacy are shown dancig and playing musical instruments.Especially Angels , they blow the bugles of revelation and play harps and flutes etc.In hinduism they have the Gopes and Gopis playing and dancing together and Lord Krishna playing the flute too all his devotees sending them into bliss. What does this all mean? Music actually represents knowledge or the speaking of knowledge by God too Human Beings and the dancing occurs when souls understand the knowledge and become intoxicated and begin too share it or dance with others and so it goes on,then all in contact begin too dance.Shiva in Hindu mythology is shown dancing the dance of time and destruction,so time moves from Golden Age(Heaven),Silver Age(semi-Heaven),Copper age thru too Iron Age and now the confluence age ,orbridge between Hell and Heaven