Wednesday, April 15, 2009

వర్క్ ethic

Originally I was a painter and decorator, a job which I mostly enjoyed except for the preperation and lifting,the renewal of a building or workspace is what motivated me and the colours,then naturally I began too have disinterest in working for people and making things look new.I thought this was a huge expenditure of time and energy too make other people happy and myself a little happy. Then I thought why not put all that energy into renewing my attitude and outlook on life, plus I was studying martial arts at the time.All the old masters would meditate as well as practice there art, so I took up meditation, and began too clean and renew my soul and paint my perfect portrait. I have been doing that now for 20 years, still working on that perfect image, a living point of light. It can be hard work at times but is very rewarding which makes up for the hard bits Om Shanti:)