Monday, April 13, 2009

ఏక్ష్పెరిఎన్కె Shows

Its fine too understand alot of things religious,scientific etc but the true great soul is one who breaths there experience,whos every cell reflects there attitude and consciousness. And its good too have such an unlimited attitude in your daily life,too be vitueous and pure but the real "nimit" is one whos face and activity reflect God,Allah,Paramatma,the creator and who gives souls a sense of peace and power when they remember them,like Mohammad or Jesus Christ or Guru Nanak did. You might say come on there is no one like that today, no one of that calibre, we are all effort makers, now its like Hell on earth, we cant accomplish that. I say why not? At least give it a go, dont have this word cant in your vocabulary, have the word Ill do my best,Ill give it a go:) Om Shanti The skys the limit.