Sunday, April 12, 2009

ది ఉన్క్నోవ్న్ Warrior

In our capital city in Australia we have a tomb or memorial too the unknown warrior which represents all the soldiers from the past up to now who have fought and died in allegance too Australia. In the world today theres also alot of incognito souls who are like the unknown warriors fighting for freedom,rights and fighting against evil in the hearts of others or even in there own heart,the classic example is that of Jesus Christ who fought the non-violent fight against sinners and was crucified for it, he was unknown too the rest of the world,even too the rest of the middle-east but after his cruxification his word spread like wild-fire too all four corners of the globe and Easter is a memorial too that, another character Mahatma Ghandi achieved this sort of recognition as well even though at the beginning he was unknown now everyone knows his name. So it goes too show souls with such committment and focus can change the world