Monday, April 6, 2009

meditations for our middle eastern friends

First of all find a space free from distraction or noise.And focus on a candle or precious object, something that brings about concentration not expansion in the mind.Now ask yourself, Who am I, Who am I really, am I a Moslem or Jew,am I Christian or Hindu, (contemplate this).Who does God consider me too be? Am I male or female, black or white, tall or short etc, no not truly. I am a living point of light,I am imshallah,shalom,om shanti, I am peace, my original religion is peace,silence. I come from a world of silence,I am a jewell of light sitting in the centre of the forehead behind the eyes emitting light upon light too all the troubled souls, myself,my family, my community, my nation, my enemies,I am washing all the sorrow of the past with this bright white light.And this light is descending from Heaven from Allah like a giant waterfall and passing thru my third eye slowly but surely quenching the desert of suffering, an oasis of truth and peace is now starting too grow, a doubly non-violent revolution of silence. God is so great