Saturday, April 4, 2009

Very powerful meditation can be achieved by the use of the imagery of light, because it easily takes us beyond the thoughts and ideas of our physical world and entertains our mind with something much more vast though recognizable,that is light. So first of all I visualize myself letting go of all the darkness out of my body, it rises like a mist,and then coursing through my veins are rivulets of white light,the source of these rivers is My head,in the temple of the forehead an idol of majesty and beauty sits illuminating a bright ancient aura of pure white light surrounded by golden red light illuminating all four corners of the room,and getting brighter and brighter, all 4 corners of the town,then the city,then the state, then the country , then the blue globe of the world, light upon light, and the source of that light comes from the heavens, up above,beyond the moon and stars and planets,from a world of golden red light, the source of creation,and the home of that ancient being the immortal being,the wise one,all powerful God,and a river of light descends down too my room thru my being too the rest of the world.Helping all souls,all of mother nature, all the cosmos. OM SHANTI