Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seven Rap Heave1

                                                                 Seven Rap Heaven(2)


                                                                           GOD ------


The one the whole world is looking for is in my backyard

Hes camping out there in a white circus tent oh what a retard

The world is screaming oh purifier come, take us home

And hes just sittin’ out there listening too opera on the old gramophone

Hes not fancy or well mannered or speaks with a lisp

But very silent and sublime I think hes eternally pissed



All the religions are praying too him, except the Buddhists

And he just sits there drinking Soma I think hes pissed

Maybe its not time for him too make his grand entry

Not until the shit hits the fan can he reveal his power

And spread light and might across the world like a huge light tower




God is sittin in my backyard in a white circus tent

Unfettered, nonchalant, she,ll be right mate,content

Gathering his Angels for the final assault against Hades

Dressed in white,that fits like a glove

Comes and goes from my backyard too up above




I ask him casually wheres your real home?

He points upward too the Golden red sunset and lets out a moan

He says he comes from a land of silence with a bloody great scream

And is sending us too a paradise of strawberries and cream

I ask with a crazy great grin how do I get in too this land of milk and honey

He stares very seriously not a trace of being funney

And says only those who are childlike and pass a camel thru the eye of a needle

Have a backstage pass

Those like a star that shineth in the evening sky

Those who are alive and yet cannot die

Can enter my kingdom of happiness and pie




So That eternal being,untouched and ever pure

Is sittin in my backyard,I should invite him in the door

Hey Shiva or Allah,Jehovah or God whatever your name

Come inside my house its startin too rain -