Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seven Rap Heaven


                                                                   Seven Rap Heaven


Soul searching; we are soul searching lookin’ for a plan

                           We are lost in the maya of unlimited spam

                           Some say one thing some another

                          Some say you are my sister or is it my brother

                         Pray for salvation,do the penance

                        Eat only Hawaal don’t eat at restaurants




                             Soul searchinlookin for answers

                            My heart is on fire my mind in despair

                           My soul is blackened in a state of disrepair

                          Whom should I turn too in this world of illusion

                          Is it Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad or Krishna?

                         Some say you are my brother others my sister





                             The answer is within says the voice with a light

                             You are what your lookin’ for so don’t get a fright

                             Its there staring at you in the face like a festering pimple

                             You are the answer a living soul God its so simple

                             I am a soul a living point of light,a star in the forehead

                             Eternally bright,immortal and uncensored





                                 The answers within not in a bottle of Gin

                                 Not in the Gita or bible or the Karma Sutra

                                 But in your third eye you stupid computer

                                 The eye behind the eyes just stop and take a look

                                 Take a moment or two and youll see the view




                                Peace is my birthright peace is within not in a book or a bottle of Gin

                                My original religion is me you see you stupid Flea

                                Get with it Lol I am the Soul I am Peace

                                Not the Vicar or Priest or Iman you beast

                                666 they say is the mark of the beast 000 is how you call the police

                                Om Shanti is my new name, my calling card

                                  I am a peaceful soul I am not this body, its really not hard