Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Dance Party.doc

                                                   The Dance Party

 Come one come all and join the party on the massive dance floor all Gods dancers

We have Moslems and Buddhists, Christians and Sikhs, Jews and Parsis all styles of romancers

The no.1 couple were Adam and Eve, strutting there stuff they didn’t want too leave

There costume was wild, in the raw, the establishment didn’t mind they stole the floor



The owner of the discoteque was a dude called God, he was a multimillionaire, from abroad

He had a daughter called Sophia, a mover and shaker ,very wise for her age, the truth be known

A chorus of Angels joined the gathering, with there trumpets and harps, in they had flown



Outside the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael were employed as the bouncers

With riff raff like Lucifer and Satan prowling the perimeters looking for free entry

Only party revelers allowed ones with a true heart a heart of gold

Not a poisoned heart with feelings of treachery and malice who would be so bold



So come one come all not matter what religion, age or caste,  the only pass you  need

Is souls, no ticket of body consciousness will be accepted, the management reserve the right

Too extradite any one who doesn’t meet these standards so stay double light

God is a dance studio owner and Jesus is his DJ so jump on the dance floor and lets have a party