Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In ancient Indian scriptures it talks about a character called Hanuman the monkey god who is sent on a task too find the sacred herb of immortality(tulsi da) or in fact Basil.This herb will revive the life of Rama who is God incarnated as a human.But who in battle has recieved numerous wounds,life threatening.The scripture is the Ramayana.Hanuman being a monkey is very nieve but has the ability too fly, also when he is asked who he loves he rips open his chest and inside is Lord Rama where his heart should be.Anyhow he goes too the place where the herb should be, a mountain but the area is too vast and the herb too small so he rips up the whole mtn and brings it back to Rama.Its only a story but represents a soul with heart-felt love for God can lift a mountain of sorrow and revitalize his connection too god and rerceive immortality. We akin this story too meditation and meditating in God the Supreme soul