Sunday, August 9, 2009

men are from mars women are from venus

This title of a book tends too some up the two sexes of the world today.Though both are souls in costumes, the costume of the body tends too control the natures of the souls.If you believe in reincarnation then in a previous birth a male may have been a female and vise versa.This is why today homosexuality is increasing because souls are still attached too there previous birth.theres no conclusive evidence that this is the case but I think so anyway.I am a male so I must state that as men we need too , when dealing with spiritual transformation and realization, we need too internalize our dharna very deeply first in attitude, thoughts, awareness, first leaving no stone unturned before we announce it too the world. Why? because being action orientated we tend too proclaim things early that weve accomplished something and thus lose the power and impetus for really deep,life changing transformation.In other words were generally not that in touch with our feelings and arent use too searching through those muddy waters,so souls in mens bodys dont get off the bus too soon until you've actually reacheded your destination, if your unsure your girlfriend or wife or mother will soon tell you there the perfect mirror like it or not:) Om Shanti