Saturday, August 8, 2009

song lyrics

My heart is big and pure like the heart of a lioness
Though my mind at times exhibits signs of violence
Death too this world, death to illusion, death to insolence and confusion
Rebirth of the phoenix, it is rising from the ashes
The Angel is spreading its wings finishing its sins
Pulling out the pins, excommunicating the ?Jinn?
It?s a win, win situation, don?t be so impatient
You?ll blow a fuse, you?ll become a patient
At some emergency ward, understaffed, stressed out
On your death bed, bleeding out, consciousness shutting down
The world is on its death bed, religion against religion
Brother against brother, cows eating cardboard in India
What has happened to divinity, morality, empathy, solidarity?
We?ve lost the plot, but we are all but actors playing our parts on this huge drama stage
Good and bad, happiness and sorrow, alas what will happen tomorrow?
2012 is the D day or so the Hopi Indians say
Nostramdamus predicted a world wide nuclear war, then a Golden Age of 1000 years
That will be great, what an important date, good old fate