Thursday, August 13, 2009

whos in charge?

All the religions that I know about believe in God in some form or another, even Buddhism, though they say you must prove or rationalize everything for your self so the idea of God is irrational.Christians,Sikhs,Moslems,Zoroastrians all believe in God but tend too place more faith in the founders of there religion and there experience of God.Alot of these founders got there information from Angels, the messangers of God.I think I am like an apprentice angel, an internet Angel.My experience is slightly different of what I believed happened at those miraculous times. I believe, whether its Jesus or Guru Nanak or Mohammad or Buddha,these people had a truly profound experience.Though different and unique as we all are,they have a common miracle.That is they had a pure soul enter there body,so there was the two souls in the one body,so the pure soul can be described as an Angel,a messenger. In fact in hebrew the word Christ, as an example, means messenger.So in my belief first of all was Jesus and then the Christ soul entered a little time later, the same with Buddha, Gautama was a prince of a royal family, then he had distaste and at the age of a teenager the soul of Buddha entered his body and so a religion was established, anyhow that is my belief and experience.