Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming too you live from India Shantivan

How do you think the Queen of England achieved her royal status?; was it being in the right place at the right time?, or was it because of her royal lineage, her connections, perhaps. How did Laxmi and Narayan, probably too you more known as Radhe and Krishna or too Christians as Adam and Eve achieve there part. In this day and age too achieve something like this you need an inheritance or would have needed too study very studiously and achieved merits. Perhaps these formentioned souls did. But ultimately I believe its a divine predestined plot, not by the C.I.A but by the laws of karma, written in destiny itself. I remember General Eisenhower was quoted when travelling through the fields of France in a jeep after world war 2, " ah yes I remember fighting on these exact same fields in my last reincarnation but then it was on horseback" in world war 1 I dare say.I believe at some point in history whether accurately recorded or not, God as the Supreme Judge, practically contributes too the physical world as a Judge and creator, a divine manifestation takes place directly. Do you follow me? Look at the paintings of Da Vinci of god and man touching fingers, another of angels and demons judging humans etc. This may be just artistic license but the truth is also hidden inside. I myself connect too God everyday directly in Raja yoga meditation and my life has transformed. As you sow so shall you reap. Will and determined thought attract outcomes, read the book the "Secret" and light is shed upon that. I'll let you be the judge, hows your life going at the moment thats a good indicator, mine is going fantastic because I have fantastic connections:)