Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping in India

Its amazing in India when you want too go shopping, even if you haven't really got anything in mind too buy, the incognito beauty of India will still coax you like a fine laced mistress in the night lulling you into a trance like state of consumerism. Everything on earth is available at that moment though in reality it isn't at all. The shopkeeper will seat you on the finest Golden Throne and serve you iced lemon tea in a golden goblet, no not really this is my imagination. But due too centuries of service too King and country (Raja) and Bharata it seems as though this is the case. The tailor can make you anything of anysize, any description, any price range, within an hour if you like; though the reality is it wont be exactly as they promised, its not Heaven after all, sometimes far from the mark. Anyhow its a tease for your mind, its as though you can conjure up the past of the royalty of India, of Radhe and Krishna, of the Golden Palaces and smiling faces. This tapestry of the ancient past can still be seen in the fabric of India. That was a time I'm sure all fairy tales are based upon when the world and real magic existed in a dance of ecstacy and beauty. Do you remember these times? Try and travel there in your subconscious, too 5000 years ago Om shanti