Thursday, October 29, 2009

A fihy story

Hey guess what they now have an Aquarium at Mt Abu, and no its not Nakki Lake, its next too Nakki lake. It boasts too be the biggest aquarium in India, which is no big deal, I doubt there are many aquariums in India of a public nature. It has a vast array of fish and dolphins and whales according too the posters outside, and various acclaimations after its name. I havent been inside but my guess is it has a few Coy or Carp and a crab with 1 claw, I'll have too ask someone whos actually been inside:). I like this topic because our founding Father Brahma Baba use too send new students too the Fish market in Bombay, too test there Fish consciousness and too make the lesson firm that there is a huge variety of souls in the world as fish in the sea so don't just float in your own Fish bowl but become unlimited. This is a good lesson. So how big was the fish that you caught? Om shanti