Sunday, November 1, 2009

yogic rap


Yog Yukt
Jeevan Mukt
Mukti Mukt
Jeevan Mukt
Wheres your book, not by hook or crook
Give me a look, tick tock tick tock, time is passing by
Time is of the essence, don’t go into trance, don’t take the chance
Time too learn the lesson of one second, no second chance noo time too romance

Get a golden vessel, wheres your easel, don’t be a weasal
Get a boat that stays afloat, become an artist, don’t get lost in the mist
Draw your own picture, oh what an artist
Time too become perfect Angel
Crown,necklace,bangles, get the angle

When will you will your will
Wake up dill, become dillaram,
Perfect lucky ,oh what a charm
See your memorial in Delwara temple
Karma is catching up, hey remain beyond harm
Dharna, Dharma, don’t be alarmed

Yog Yukt, Jeevan mukt, Mukti Mukt, Jeevan mukt
Raz Yukt, Yukti yukt, Yog yukt,
Do you have the look don’t be a sook
Drishti, Shrishti, become a Pharista

Lets do it now