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Soul Consciousness



Why should the thought, 'I am a peaceful soul', be any more beneficial to me than the thought, 'I am a body'? In the previous lesion it was mentioned that this thought allows me to become detached from the role that I play. It is important to understand what is meant by this word 'detached' . It does not mean distant or inward looking to the point of isolation, where there is a break down in communication. Neither does it mean that I become an uncaring observer of what is going on. It simply means to have the consciousness of being an actor. I play my part with great enthusiasm and love, but I do not let the expectations, burdens and worries of outside situations or other people affect my own understanding of Who I am ; a peaceful being. In fact, the world most often used in conjunction with 'detached' is  'loving'.

By being aware of myself as a soul, I experience my natural qualities so that the feelings I associate with detachment are not of distaste or lack of concern, but of peace, love and happiness.


How can soul consciousness help me improve my attitude towards myself and others? We often have the habit of comparing ourselves to others, seeing ourselves in the light of what we consider to be their merits or demerits. This can sometimes lead to a feeling of hopelessness. self criticism and other equally negative state of mind.


Through the experience of soul consciousness, I come to realize my own worth and stop comparing myself and others. Self criticism is over come as I experience my true positive qualities and nature. This leads not to a feeling of superiority, but to a feeling of stability and self confidence. Doubts are replaced by a deeper faith in my self.


If I understand that I am a peaceful soul, I understand that other must also be that.

Instead of primarily seing the other as a peaceful soul, playing a part, I am seeing the part and thinking it is the other's true nature.


If, instead I have the determined thought to see others as souls, I will respond very differently to their anger. I will see their anger as being some ting temporary and not intrinsic to their true nature. Instead of reacting angrily or being defensive, I will actually become detached or even giving. In addition, my stable, calm reaction will help to defuse the situation.


There are other ways in which soul consciousness can help me to help others.

One can not give what one does not have oneself. When friends come to us in distress, often the most we can do is give sympathy, although this is reassuring, it is not necessarily very helpful.

When in trouble, what people need most is power and clarity.

If my reaction and suggestions to them are not only sympathetic, but also filled with peace, power and practically, they can take away with them not only comfort, but something which will be of positive value in helping them to solve their problems A strong and uncluttered mind is needed for this.



Soul Consciousness also allows me to be natural in the company of others. This easiness on my part helps them to relax, as they don't feel that I have expectations of them. A deepening love and respect for other souls naturally develops as I recognize my spiritual kinship with them.

Meditation Practice


Meditation is being in the awareness of my natural qualities. It is not a difficult thing. Neither is it something that I impose on myself. I can not force myself to meditate. In fact the more hard effort I put in, the less likely I am to experience any thing. To much hard concentration will create a headache and, instead of refreshment and relaxation there will be tension.


The first step is simply to relax. Many people would consider being able to relax at well as quite an achievement in itself. In meditation once I become relaxed, the worries and stress of every day life dissolve away and the mind is free to explore gentle themes. My world is a creation of my own mind. This is why I fill my thoughts with self consciousness; thinking about peace helps me to experience peace.


The more relaxed I am, the deeper that pleasant, restful feeling becomes, until I have reached a powerful state of meditation, enjoying the quietness which is emerging from with in. As I progress , meditation becomes much more than a relaxation technique. The object is not just relaxation; it is to become a peaceful person, to fill myself completely with peace. The experience of peace, gained through simple relaxation, is a mere drop compared to the ocean of peace, in which I can lose myself through meditation.


I keep my thoughts or themes very simple in meditation; just two or three carefully chosen ones are enough. I repeat them gentally, giving myself plenty of time to explore the feelings behind them. For example,

 'Peace is just like sinking' into a feather mattress..…'


As I become more and more engrossed in such thoughts and experiences, I feel myself gradually letting go of all worldly thoughts and tensions, until I become light and free.


Now I have become soul consciousness, aware of my true nature. It is this lightness of consciousness which I want to bring into my every day life, so that, whatever problems and obstacles come in front of me, I deal with them easy and effectively.


Thoughts for Meditation


For the next few days just take up two or three simple themes or phrases, such as,

'I am a peaceful soul', I am a being of light and love, spreading these feelings to others and the world'

and I am a subtle point of consciousness, so different from the physical body.

Repeat these thoughts gentally to yourself, allowing them to sink in more and more deeply until your thoughts and your feelings match each other.

When this happens, the tension between what you think you should be doing and what you actually are doing disappears, and the soul feels content and full.

In addition practice seeing others as souls, seeing beyond the part to the actor who is playing the part.


     Your Divine Brother,   
                      Rakesh Jindal
                         OM SHANTI !







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