Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative Visualization

In Raja Yoga meditation Baba has given us a number of techniques too develop soul consciousness and move us out of our past gross consciousness or body consciousness.Which we all have mind you, no matter how mature the aspirant. Because thats why we incarnated here. One technique is too spin the discuss of self realization, the swardarshanchakradari, which is symbolized by a swastika, but in the appropriate form, not how Adolf Hitler used it.The swastika in its pure form represents peace and knowledge. A second method, a bit more adevanced is too visualize 3 worlds, like 3 levels of a department store, we're on the ground floor, the physical world, the second floor is the subtle region where your subtle or angelic form resides, an area of white light and the top floor, the incoporeal world or world of silence, no bodies, no matter, no sound, only a golden red world of light with stars of white light floating in suspended amination, these are souls and God all floating as stars of light, and this world is your silence home filled with peace and silence, the original experience of the soul.

The really advanced yogis will go straight to this experience, called a seed stage, which will melt away body consciousness.

If your a normal person, in the real world, this stuff may be incomprehensible,unnattainable and incomprehensible and you have no time for it. But some of us need too make time for it. Why? because we're getting stressed out,we have no enjoyment in life, diseases of the body are increasing etc, all symptoms of body consciousness:) Om Shanti