Sunday, October 11, 2009


Truth even when spoken or written can still be interpretted by the receiver or audience in a number of different ways according too the souls experiences, mood, understanding etc. For example you may have a swatch of material that is the colour red and hold it up too a group of onlookers, one may be colour blind, one totally blind, one an architect, one in the vietnam war, one from Egypt etc, and they will all give a different answer too the thing they see before them. So truth is not just assimilated facts about something because the intellect or deciding power of a soul is affected by many different experiences. But the one thing, the common denominator all souls have is vibrations, this is the signature of the soul, particularly if I say the words all souls come from a world of peace of silence. My original religion is of peace. This will ring true with all souls no matter what the religion or experience. If they cant acknowledge that due too some factor then a mirror is created for them too look at themselves in, and a seed is planted which in the future will grow, thus a soul needs a challenge for the truth too be assimilated, this is called churning, like when you churn milk too create butter a churn is needed. So dont be frightened of quoteing the truth, the truth is the truth in anyones language, it may challenge some one but the arrow will hit the target at some point:) Dont stop firing arrows just because of fear of correct delivery or syntax, everything is fixed in the drama of life:)