Saturday, October 10, 2009


Normally we would consider violence too be swearing at someone, bashing, hitting etc, but thinking about true non-violence as talked about by Mahatma Gandhi, he compared it too making the world like Ram Raj, that is the kingdom of Rama or Heaven. The statues of the deities of Satyug, or Golden Age, are described as being doubly non-violent, that is vegetarian,viceless and pure with no trace of sorrow. So on that description, do you have any violence in your life? Do you ever shoot anyone with the arrow of anger or lust or ego? Even with the poison arrows of jealousy and envvy, or the poison darts of I and mine? This is how you subtley make others unconscious, with your attitude and actions. Also too suppress your higher self or goodside and reveal your lower self or base nature is like strangling your self. Ever thought about things in this way, probably not. When you go into the depths of meditation and soul consciousness you will be thinking like this. Try it out, check out the links on this blog site. You'll feel 100% better for it I gurantee it:)