Thursday, December 3, 2009

World Parliament of religions

Currently in Melbourne the Parliament of Religions is sitting for a week or so, it involves all known religions of the world, giving visions, singing, meditations,etc involving anyone from Wicca too American Indians and everyone inbetween, including all the main religions. We have a speaker from the Brahma Kumaris going; Dadi Janki, shes about 92 years of age and has been involved with Raja Yoga meditation for about 75 years. I would like too focus on one particular religion which is dear too my heart, I have alot of Facebook friends who are Sikhs.It was founded only 500 years ago by Guru Nanak and is very strong in the Punjab in India. The Guru Granth Sahib is the heart of Sikh worship, it is there scripture and the Gurudwara is there place of worship, and the Golden temple in Amritsar is the main one, containing the Golden Throne. The Mool Mantra is the beginning of the Granth and is what this blog will be focusing on.

There is One God He-
Is the Supreme Truth
Is without fear
Is not vindictive
Is timeless,Eternal
Is not born so
He does not die to be reborn.
By Guru's grace
He is revealed to the human soul.
Truth was in the beginning, and throughout the ages.
Truth is now and ever will be.

So from my perspective for Raja Yoga meditation purposes I see the Supreme soul as a living point of light who resides in soul world, in Paramdam, the home of Golden red light, where all souls come from, and I the soul am also a living point of white light but i reside in a body and reincarnate, birth after birth, and my consciousness comes down due too entropathy. So God, by his grace has too reveal himself and the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world and of the soul too those who are open too it. He does this through the foundation souls such as Guru Nanak,Jesus Christ,Abraham etc but as time rolls on this fades and vice and insanity take control, so God himself descends into the body of Brahma Baba and adopts a body too speak through, he uses this chariot because of his maturity amongst souls, being many births ago Adam the father of humanity.
So by meditating on Paramatma we also tune into our original form and all our births and we can access the truth of the Satguru.

What I love about Sikhism is how they have transcended the caste system by being named in a guruwara and having singh as a male and kaur if female, as a last name and also the treatment of woman as equal partners in society Good on you :)