Saturday, January 30, 2010

The birthday of God

Guess what with the recent full blue moon we just had, coincidently the birthday of God was celebrated in India. There they call it Shiv Ratri or Shiv Jyanti, the birthday of the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. Here in the west because we are influenced by predominantly Christian beliefs we have the birth of Christ and the crucifixation of Christ, but not the birthday of God. Most of us don't even know God takes birth, in fact does he? In Hinduism they go too the other extreme and say he incarnates in many different forms over the centuries. In fact he doesn't take birth through a womb but he does, for practical reasons and the need of the time, adopt a body, or mouthpiece too speak through. This is also remembered in different forms throughout history, even in Genesis he is noted talking too Adam. But it is more accurately done than that. He descends from Paramdam (Soul World) into a body for a short time and speaks. The body he adopts is the same soul as Adams, but reincarnated 84 times, this is where the confusion takes place, this chariot he adopts is named Brahma Baba, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, its not that we or he are the chosen ones no, it just happens according too the laws of karma and drama. The same as the Buddhists when a Rinpoche dies or the Dalai Lama dies they can trace where the next incarnation will take place exactly, and look for the signs on the child and declare this is the new Dalai Lama. Christians do not have this knowledge but the same rules apply, that is the Laws of Karma and reincarnation. But in 1969 the medium for God, namely Brahma Baba left his mortal coil, but that soul did achieve the Karmateet stage, so is now playing the part of the Angel Gabriel( the messenger) and both Gabriel and God now adopt the medium of a woman Dadi Gulzar, and both speak through her mouth, at the Brahma Kumaris. It is very esoterical but a fact. Check us out on