Friday, January 29, 2010

Cloud Meditation

In the meditation that I do we aim too go beyond the moon and stars ,even beyond silence, too our true home where God resides, the home of golden red light and millions of tiny points of light. The Buddhists call it Nirvana, the hindus Paramdam, I just call it soul world. But a soul who can accurately meditate on soul world and particularly on God with no other thoughts in there minds, is jokingly called a cloud in Raja Yoga. Why a cloud you may ask, well simply a cloud, because of the effect of the Sun (God) forms by pulling water out of the ocean or any water source really. And water is representative of truth or knowledge ,so one who can accurately meditate on the Supreme Soul, becomes a form of sustenece for thirsty spiritually starved souls, and so is like a cloud showering down life giving water. Though some cloudbursts actually kill people and destroy the earth. The effect of purity on the world is awesome and unstoppable and will ultimately transform the landscape, experiment with your power of yoga, are you a fluffy white rain cloud or a lazy cloud? that just raises peoples hopes and then dashes them? Om Shanti:)