Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Conquorer of Attachment

Have you ever heard the statement too become the conquorer of attachment. It probably brings up two responses, for me it does, one of wow you must be the ultimate yogi who lives in the himalayas or something, or the other, theres no way thats possible, anyhow thats so cold and inhuman who do you think you are the Buddha or something?:) .But practically its very easy, just follow this step by step formula. First of all break attachment too your own body by considering yourself as a trustee, a soul wearing a costume of the 5 elements, a living star of light, an astronaut wearing a space jacket too live on this planet earth, then remember your true home , the land of peace and silence, the world of golden red light and picture yourself as a star, and then remember your original father,God , Allah, the creator who is also a very bright star who lives at your home. And slowly but surely every day connect too him and begin too transfer all your attachment too the 5 elements back too him. Its so easy start right now it only takes a second and you'll begin too fly