Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your last thought will lead you too your final destination

Have you ever wondered where we go after we die? Some people say we go too Heaven, the after life, some say we just die, or reincarnate in some other species, some poor souls are known too haunt old castles or cemetaries or battlefields etc, so obviousley they hang around, alot go with the idea of a spirit world which can be communicated with if we want help etc. My understanding is that where you go is directly connected too your last thought before you leave your body. I feel we don't transmigrate from one species too another, of course we can change race and religion, but it is always connected too our last thought, which would be influenced by our desires, our actions in that life, our karmic a/c's ,even the type of death, like suicide, peaceful death, war. In christianity they like too give the last rites,in hinduism they get them too chant Rama Rama and force Gangis water into there mouths. So in raja yoga we practise considering yourself a soul , a child of god, all the time , so when we leave our bodies it is easy and we are connected too God, thus a good reincarnation will take place. Any how some food for thought