Monday, January 4, 2010

Connection between mind and body

A leading editor of one of these healthy living magazines on Good morning Australia, this morning said that people have lost the art of there minds and bodies talking too each other. What does this exactly mean? Too me it means, that in this day and age we accumulate alot of rubbish in our souls as well as bodies, i.e junk food, fast food, high cholestorol, additives, artificial colours, and in our emotional bodies we've accumulated stress, the stain of the 5 vices, fear,guilt, depression etc. In other words these blockages cause the soul, the emotional body and the body not too talk accurately too each other, or in the same language, leading too obesity, cancer, dis-ease and also lack of conscious and empathy, or you could say morals and virtues in society, in family life and relationships. In deeper Yogic terms it means the consciousness of the soul has diminished and the true or pure vibration of the soul has darkened so the light has dimmed. The soul is immortal so it can't go out completely but it does instead become body conscious , which affects our bodies but also the world at large. So in fact deep meditation will purify the soul and purify matter, because the soul starts too vibrate delta waves which are closer too our true emotional self and spiritual self. So if you have the will please try this meditation and experiment with this deep delta waves. We have such a meditation on this blog, just follow the links, its free:)