Thursday, December 31, 2009


Why is it that we like being entertained so much? Is it too escape reality,is it our darker side can see itself? what? The first films created were silence of course, and was about propoganda of war time efforts and the strength of fighting forces, they felt a moving film would talk too more people across time and space. A far deeper understanding of this concept is in spirituality or deep meditation, where in deep meditative states we move into delta type brain waves, and a feeling of detachment from the outcome of events develops, we will feel like we are just an actor on this world stage watching the great play of humanbeings, with the backdrop of the canopy of the sky and the stars and the plants etc, unlimited props, this is whats called a God-like consciousness, because God is the creator of the play, the director and the main actor though most of us aren,t familiar with this aspect; because we are novices about truth and divinity. Never the less we are all actors on this stage, whether we are awake or asleep. A yogi is able too see the 3 aspects of time, and be one who has the third eye open all the time, so entertainment for them is everything even there own weakness's and Maya. Take the example of the Buddha, it is said he plucked a flower in the forest and upon examining it he understood the workings of the cosmos, wouldn,t that be a blast. Want some of that goto my facebook page and clickon the links

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