Sunday, January 17, 2010

Follow your Heart

In religions, meditation groups, even dancing, in fact all ventures in life you have a group of leaders, or Gurus, even specialists who are outstanding in there fields, they set the benchmark in the expertise and the experience of the subject in question. This is all well and good, but too get the best results for your self and a feeling of freedom and self respect you need too follow your own heart, work out what fits in your life, in your personality and go for it. No two personalities are the same, souls make look the same( i.e living points of light) but we're not clones. We may be in the same religion, in Christianity etc following Jesus Christ, or in Buddhism following Buddha, or in the Brahma Kumaris following Brahma Baba, or even in something like Kung Fu following Yip Man or something but still you will have too apply it too your own life, karmas, enviroment etc, so you need too take the essence of what your teacher is teaching and combine it with your own reality and go from there.I don't mean too become arrogant and throw away your discipline but too treat it as a crutch until you can learn too run and even fly, best of luck on your journey:) Om Shanti