Thursday, January 14, 2010

where is the love
The Blackeyed Peas sum up in this song very well "Where is the love". There are so many religions, meditation groups, positive thinkers, etc etc and yet the world is still coming apart at the seams, why is that? It is because we as a civilization have created a huge Karmic debt which has too be paid off. Not many souls realize this, because they are trying really hard too be faithful and positive and constructive. Two days ago we had Haiti just crumble, can't you see where its heading? Love can only be created by connecting too the Ocean of love, God, and then streaming that too the suffering souls of the world, as the peas sang , thru meditation. Lets get together friends and meditate sending vibrations of peace too Haiti, and silence by connecting too our original form of peace. Om shanti I am a peaceful soul I am not this body, my original religion is peace