Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year

Isn't it interesting that the Chinese New Year starts around the same time as the India or Hindu Shiva Ratri. This New Year is celebrating and astrologically is the Year of the Tiger (to me familiar with its stealth, courage and ability of surprise). The Western New year is influenced by Christiandom and seems too stem from a Roman influence and there Pantheon of Gods, which aren,t Christian by the way. The Hindu Shiv Ratri or Jyanti literally means the birth of God, or the birthday of God. Did you know God actually took birth? Too me all these holidays and special days have alot of imagination interwoven into them, though some truth is there as well. For example how does God talk too souls in the past, is it there imagination, or do they literally have such a strong and clear connection that he appears in there minds eye and divulges the truth too them. If so why can't he do that now, or are we too corrupted by earthly pleasures etc? In my experience through meditation on God the supreme soul, what actually occurs is a heightened state of awareness and clarity and humility, and the peace and love of God cools the soul and the thorns within so my attitude and decision making processes are better and more divine, though I have never experienced God talking too me from the ether. In fact speech is not one of his greater attributes. that we will cover later. But for now what happens in my decision making process is through this deep meditation, I can see the past the present and the future of my decisions, so I don,t make choices lightly though in my life I am very light almost frivolous. Anyhow there some more food for thought, whats your experience? Om Shanti