Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Trimurti in Hindi or Trinity in Christianity

These are two symbols and ideals found in the Hindu and Christian scriptures, in meditation we also deal with these images, basically they represent creation,sustenance and destruction, of what? Some philosophers and Pundits think of the world as in the planet as in Genesis and Revelations or Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar in Hinduism, but the real meaning is the creation,sustenance and destruction of thoughts. That is changing the attitude of the soul from impure or body conscious too the original nature of soul conscious or pure attitude and thoughts. Though the reality is as you meditate deeper the impure memories and character traits bubble too the surface revealing the pure, but as they are leaving and being transformed in the fire of yoga the intellect is stretched and pulled, and some tooing and throwing occurs, some storms in the mind, till eventually the ego lets go of the old ideas and they evaporate, or plop out, like when your boiling pumpkin soup, and then you go back too a state of clarity and happiness, ready for the next cooking session. Though ultimately when the consciousness is totally purified, you feel like a horse rider riding the horse of the body, free, happy but in total respect of the horse and its needs. Then the Planet itself will bow down too your purity and you will see Heaven on earth, Om Shanti and Allaluia:)