Thursday, February 11, 2010

ok who has been experimenting with deep yoga?

Or have i just been talking too myself these past two years. If you have been following this blog religiously every week then you'll have some idea of what I,m talking about. If you've just tuned in then I suggest you go back too all the old posts right back too the beginning. Some unwanted adds are there as well but not my doing.And see if you can get your head around what I've been banging on about. If you've never meditated before try some of the simpler ideas or childrens meditations, I'll download some. This is a world you have too keep exploring, you can't just eat it like fast food. Because as you go deeper the layers of the ego are removed like the layers of an onion, but if you stop they will quickly replace themselves again. for some more practical insight goto and click on there links or my links on and click on the links. Anyhow what I am preaching about today is some more blocks in our meditations. Two main ones are imagination and jealousy, stemming from Ego and Anger. If your experiencing ,these in thought form whilst meditating or in normal life , it is good because you are therefore at a very deep level of insight. Normal people wouldn't know what the hell I was talking about. So congratulations, Too move through these subtle blockages , simply continue meditating and practising virtue and morals in your life, and they will automatically dissolve. Actually moving the meditation from your room into your whole life will fastrack the destination.Tell us how your going!