Monday, February 8, 2010

What is the truth anyway

Truth can only be distinguished through your own experience and perception. Sure you may be swayed by some religious belief passed on too you by your parents or some scientific fact because you are a Geek or intellectual. You may believe God spoke too Adam or Jesus Christ is your saviour or Buddha looked at a flowers petals and understood the whole cosmos,but do you still swear at your wife, curse the car that cut you off, tell your child too kill the opposition in a football game. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Alot of the wars that occured in the world were over religion, the USA is planning too send a rocket too mars, even though it is in a recession, if they fed the grain that they feed too animals too fatten them up for slaughter, too the poor people of the world they would solve famine. Too you get my drift? If an idea is the truth it will create Peace,purity, happiness, health and wealth without any catch 22's. It will create Heaven, it will connect you too God, it will give peace too the entire human race, it will create salvation and a sorrow-free world, so please show me the truth and I will show you the soul:)and reveal God too you.