Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visiting a temple

I have been too India a number of times over the past twenty years, and have been too some awesome, and some not so good temples. What I noticed the most about them, is the number of shops and souvineir shops there is outside and leading up too the temple. Its as though greed and business are knocking at the temple doors. I know in Japan at the big shrines there are brothels outside, so you can be serviced both spiritually and physically. This reminds me of my attempts at deep meditation, first of all I have too leave behind, greed,lust,anger,attachment,ego at the temple doors, then go within too see my sacred idol of the self, my eternal pure,beautiful image of light and might, and summons up the qualities of that image, offer up gifts and fragrance and connect too my immortal self and at the same time connect too the creator, the source of all virtue and power, the Supreme Soul, God, Paramatma. Then like a full cloud full of rain water, I can move away from the temple and shower my experience and gifts on others, hopefully not staying too long in the market place outside, though a good momento is a must:)