Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take the good from the bad

When i begin too achieve a good sense of self respect in my meditations and in my daily life, my world, happiness begins too flow. This tells me my meditations are working. The best thing too meditate on is a higher plane or consciousness , and the ultimate of course is too meditate on God, as the provider of all powers, virtues, truth. But also in my internal world I need too begin too take care of the Flowers of virtues I am beginning too grow and also begin too weed out the defects. Though unlike a real garden if i just concentrate on the flowers and my Dharna, the weaknesses and defects will automatically fall by the wayside, like a farmer tilling a field. The weeds become part of the fertilizer for the crop. So begin too make a list of only the strengths you can see through your minds eye, and chant them too yourself throughout the day. Then by the end of the day you will be overflowing with confidence and will sleep soundly, ready for whatever life presents too you for the next day:) Om Shanti