Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have you ever heard a tape recording of your own words?

What we speak, the pitch, the volume, the intensity and of course the grammar all reflect what type of soul we are. Some people think its OK too swear too get my point across, or too get it off my chest. Our words can even be inappropriate for the current climate or the situation of the person or group we are speaking too. But due too emotional entanglement of our heart and soul we say at times the most inappropriate words or sounds. Some people think if you are educated you will mutter the correct eloquent words and phrases, but that is not always the case. Sometimes hidden behind that perfect phrasing is animosity and sarcasm, or just an attitude of superiority, which is in real time more destructive, too you and the recipient. Whatever actions we undertake, particularly the intent behind them, has an immediate effect on the consciousness of the soul. What goes around comes around. Alexander the Great was recorded historically whilst beginning his campaign too conquer India, too come across a Naked Indian Saint. He said too the saint how he has a while army, that has just conquered half the world and now he is about too conquer India and what did he propose too do about it. The Saint replied that he had conquered his 5 sense organs and the 3 worlds and his power (Alexanders) was limited, Alexander the Great was so moved by this response he turned and went home. It is just a story but shows the effect the power of words could have. Powerful words are those which other souls feel some essence in them and some attainment. So if you speak such words by the end of the day there will be some attainment felt in your heart not some loss:)