Friday, February 26, 2010


Holi is being celebrated soon in India, it is sometimes called the festival of colours.Basically what happens is , on this day all castes or levels in society are technically regarded as equal. And they demonstrate this by throwing bags of colour on each other, no matter who the recipient (technically)all the colours are water soluble, usually so no damage occurs. In the world of meditation this memorial is remembered as ,in meditation God , the Supreme Soul colours us the human souls with powers and virtues. In Raja Yoga meditation we specifically speak of 8 powers, because in India 8 is a sacred number. In fact they say that only 8 souls out of the human race are completely coloured by Gods company. So in my meditation I visualize myself sitting under a fountain, its source is God, and I visualize 8 distinct colours washing over me and through me, completely cleansing my aura, body and the 5 elements, so I become one with God for a period of time. Try it out and tell me your experiences, Happy Holi:)